Foam Party - Concentrated Snow Foam


Join the party with this neon yellow foam with a pleasant cherry fragrance.

Foam Party is a premium, high foaming, high quality snow foam that is PH neutral and will not damage or remove existing coatings whilst creating a thick blancket of luxurious foam even at low dilutions.

Recommended Dilution Rate:

5:1/20% (100ml snow foam to 400ml water)

How to use:

Wet the entire surace with cold water to ensure it is cool. Avoid working in direct sunlight.

Apply via the snow foam lance evenly over the whole vehicle.

Allow to dwell for up to 15mins to give the power of the snow foam a chance to completely solubilise contaminates.

Do not allow to dry.

Systematically rinse the vehicle off from the bottom working upwards.

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