7's Detailing - Wash Bucket Set


7's Detailing Transparent 20Litre Buckets.

The safest and most stylish way to wash your car with the 7's Detailing Branded Transparent Buckets. Made with a transparent finish to see how dirty the water gets (always recomend changing the water if it gets too dirty) Each bucket comes with its own grit gaurd to trap all the grit at the bottom of the bucket so you don't dunk your wash mitt in grit. The buckets are finished with a 7's Detailing Wheels/Wash/Rinse Sticker on the front. The 7's Detailing bucket can hold 20 litres which is more than enough for every wash of any car big or small.

Fill Rinse bucket with fresh water – this is your rinsing bucket. Fill Wheels and Wash bucket about 3/4 full with water then add shampoo and Stir Well. Add enough car shampoo to make the mixture feel slick to the touch. ALWAYS safest to start at the wheels and then work from the top down working towards the back of the car.