Luxe - Leather Care

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Luxe Leather Care is based on a lanolin and wax enriched formula, and features two distinctly important functions to condition the Leather by reintroducing essential oils, softening it, and restoring its original colour. Its second function is to act as a protective barrier cream.

This creates a breathable layer that keeps the leather from drying out, and prevents dye-transfer on light coloured upholstery. Luxe Leather Care is suited to all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline (Sometimes also called ‘Nappa’, uncoated, or natural.) leather finishes.

How to use:

Begin by cleaning the leather with Hide Leather Cleaner to remove any debris, and prepare the surface for conditioning.

Before applying the Luxe Leather Care, give the bottle a good shake to integrate the ingredients.

Apply sparingly to a 7's Detailing Microfiber, or Foam Applicator Pad.

Gently work the conditioner into the surface of the leather until full coverage has been attained.

Allow to cure to a haze for several minutes, and buff off with a clean 7's Detailing Microfiber cloth to reveal a natural satin-matte finish.