Glide - Clay Lube

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Glide a dedicated clay lubricant designed and formulated to provide the ultimate lubrication for clay bar and clay mitt treatment.

Glide eliminates the need to use expensive quick detailers or diluted shampoo that isn’t designed for the job in hand.

Glide is ready to use straight from the bottle meaning less time wasted diluting products down and more time getting down to decontamination business!

Key Features:

  • Highly Lubricious
  • Ready to use

How To Use:

  • Mist Glide liberally across the panel before taking the clay to the paint
  • Begin to work the clay in short up and down motions before working it the opposite way to maximise results.
  • Remember to keep the clay bar or Mitt lubricated during use.
  • Knead and Fold the clay to reveal a clean surface for each area of the vehicle


Soak the clay in warm water to soften if it is difficult to work into shape.