5L Worx - Acidic Free Wheel Cleaner

£35.95 £25.00

A brilliant, cost effective alternative to acid based wheel cleaners, great at dissolving all wheel grime, perfect for acid sensitive paints.

A strong alkaline wheel cleaner formulated with surfactants and chelating agents to help with minimal contact wash.

Outside of heavy/baked on soiling Worx is designed to be sprayed on, left to dwell for a short period of time and then rinsed off.

Recommended Dilution Rate:


How To Use:

Spray liberally across the wheel surface, allow a short time for Worx to get to work and pressure rinse off. For heavy or stubborn soiling, work into a cleaning frenzy with the aid of a detailing or wheel brush.

* Alway test on inconspicuous area first, not suitable for unlacquered aluminium, chrome or vinyl wrap*